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Three Bears Publishing announces the publication of its first book

"If I Was the Mayor".

WINNIPEG, MB, Canada - April 29, 2005.   Three Bears Publishing is pleased to announce the May 31st publication of its first children's book, "If I was the Mayor."   

Imagine a town designed for children, by a child.   "If I Was the Mayor" takes you on a journey to a magical place that is a dream come true for any child.

This thought-provoking picture book is ideal for children ages 5 to 10.   "If I Was the Mayor" encourages children to dream, and to explore the ways they can make their world a better place.   It is a story that celebrates the power of imagination, and the ability of one person to make a difference.        

“If I Was the Mayor” is an excellent tool to spark classroom discussions such as  “What does a mayor do ?”,   “What would you do  if you were the mayor ?”,  and other discussions about one’s community.

“If I Was the Mayor” is also a great resource to inspire discussions about environmental concerns and solutions.   Using a “Magical Traveling Toy Making Machine” as a metaphor for the real power and magic of recycling, “If I Was the Mayor” brings unprecedented excitement to the idea of recycling. 

Lauren Howell has always enjoyed writing, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba .  Lauren resides in Winnipeg , Canada , where the cold winters provide ample time for developing her imagination and writing skills.   Sheldon Dawson has been a commercial artist for 25 years, and also lives in Winnipeg , Canada .  This is the 6th picture book that Sheldon Dawson has illustrated.                                                            

“The mayor” promises big changes, and big fun!   Author Lauren Howell says  "It will be enjoyed by young and old.   Packed with fun and excitement, it transports readers to a magical place, delighting children, and making adults wish they were kids again.” 

“If I Was the Mayor”  can be purchased from your local bookstore or library distributor,    from Baker & Taylor, online at Amazon.com /.ca /.uk, and directly from the Publisher as follows:

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-    32 page,  fully color illustrated,  perfect bound  8 x 10

-   Publication Date:   May 31,  2005

-   ISBN  0- 9735798 - 1- 1

-  $ 5.95 US ,    $ 7.95 Cdn                                                                                                                        



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