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If I Was the Mayor


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                    WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE ?

      There are so many fun and exciting things a          

      person can be...  an astronaut, a pilot, or a

      writer of fantasy. This book explores the hilarious

      possibilities, and will help YOU discover YOUR

      favorite things to be, before concluding that

      whatever you choose to do,

      being yourself is a great thing to be !

      Fun for all ages.    Reading Level:  Ages 6 to 9 


If I Was the Mayor

by Lauren Howell, 
art by Sheldon Dawson

ISBN  0-9735798-1-1              

Journey to a wonderfully wacky town that is a dream come true for any child.  A town designed for children by a child !  

This story will take children to a magical place, daring them to dream, and to explore how they can make the world a better place.

32 page, perfect bound children's picture book for ages 5 & up



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